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Wholesale and Manufacturing

Citiva Medical is on the cutting edge of cannabinoid technology through its use and collection of proprietary genetic strains, collection of data, and knowledge of phyto-cannabinoids as they relate to the human endocannabinoid system. Citiva Medical is fast at work to create products aimed at a variety of illnesses and disease states by utilizing specific cannabinoid ratios.

Production is key to our success as we are creating alternative types of medicines that many of our patients must take as a lifetime fulfillment treatment model. It is, therefore, imperative that we are able to produce a consistency and variety that our clients come to expect.

Current medicinal cannabis products on the market in approved states today are not really what Citiva Medical would consider to be medical in nature. Brownies, cookies, and candy are not medical by any means as they are very difficult to dose and standardize. Citiva Medical is truly breaking the mold in regards to new and innovative products designed to target specific disease states. By taking a more pharmacological approach to cannabis science, we are able to essentially tailor the ratios of the plant’s compounds and realign them in such a specific fashion that these plant-based compounds are actually igniting certain vital functions in the human endocrine and nervous systems.

Multi-component cannabis-based medicine is the wave of the future as the phyto-cannabinoids we are creating in our plants are serving to bridge the gap in the human body where our own naturally occurring cannabinoid content may be deficient. Though this is simple science, it truly has the efficacy and the ability to alter the way that the world views not just natural healthcare, but healthcare in general. With a better understanding of the endocannabinoid system, we are able to accept that in connecting these dots, we are going after the causes and not just the symptoms.

At Citiva Medical, we firmly believe that within the next 5 to 7 years, “Cannabinoid Replacement Therapy” (CRT), will be commonplace across New York State.

Manufacturing and Production

Citiva Medical adheres to strict standard operating procedures, operating our manufacturing and production facilities as though we were subject to FDA regulation. Standardization processes are key to our company’s success as we deliver to the market best-in-class medical marijuana products.

With forty years of experience in food grade manufacturing combined with the expertise of an internationally recognized nutrition company, our manufacturing division is uniquely positioned to develop most trusted medicinal cannabis products in the world.


Citiva Medical will open four medicinal cannabis Dispensary Clinics in convenient locations in the State of New York. The centers will be designed for ease of access while providing a secure environment in which to purchase our selection of medicines. Our group has significant experience in opening medical, retail outlet centers in various approved municipalities, and we are eager to tailor these centers to the laws of New York.

Citiva Medical agrees strongly with the New York State regulations that registered pharmacists are best qualified to dispense medicinal cannabis in New York State and we have partnered with a successful, well-respected New York State Pharmacy group.


Citiva Medical’s groundbreaking medicine will be available at competitive and affordable prices. The company will also be implementing multiple affordability programs for qualifying patients in need.

To find out more about Citiva Medical, contact us today.