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Citiva Medical stands beside the State of New York and its diligent and responsible medical cannabis legislation which will allow its citizens to benefit from this new emerging form of therapy and will serve the State of New York and its people to bring about the first true and proven medical options for this natural, safe and effective form of treatment.

The word medical marijuana has long been considered a synonym for recreational use.  At Citiva Medical, we take exception to this and have always maintained a true medically minded and clinical approach to this exciting new science.  Citiva Medical is changing the game in regards to cannabis therapies and the scientific applications of the cannabis plant.  The endo-cannabinoid system is quite a recent development in science as it was first discovered in 1991.  A handful of years later, we find that this system is the most prevalent cell receptor system in every mammal on earth.  This is a profound discovery and one that should not be taken lightly.  Especially, given that fact that the phyto-cannabinoids that we create in these special strains of the cannabis and hemp plants are almost identical to the endo-cannabinoids that our bodies produce.  Your body’s endo-cannabinoids serve two primary functions:

  1. Neurological function
  2. Immune function

It should be no wonder then why we see a vast array of uses correlated with the cannabis plant.  Though these uses have been quieted for the past 85 years, we are now beginning to understand their relevance.  The world first began to take notice when children began to stop seizing when all other pharmaceutical had failed them.  Could it really have been that simple?  The world still wants to know and Citiva Medical is leading the charge in discovery of the scientific data needed to reproduce these efficacies and standardize the way that humans from all walks of life, benefit from what Citiva Medical refers to as CRT or Cannabinoid Replacement Therapy.

Multi-compound medicines are gaining international attention due to their efficacy ad specific interaction with the human body.  At Citiva Medical, we are at the forefront of this technology in organic cannabis multi-compounded extracts.  Far too long have pharmaceutical companies sought to isolate natural compounds and then further synthesize these naturally occurring compounds to the point that much of the pharmaceutical medicine we ingest is synthetic.  Our society is moving to a more holistic and natural approach as our bodies are telling us what we need.  We are moving away from targeting symptoms and in the direction of targeting causation in the new and revealing science of CRT.  This is an exciting time in medical history, and the results that we see in the cannabis plant belong in the multi-compound category.

One must be able to move past the past 85 years of propaganda, and certainly the past 10 or so years of the recreational focused marijuana dispensaries, to understand who Citiva Medical is and why we are so vastly different.  We are fast at work to bring patients in New York the specific compounds necessary to fill the deficiencies or bridge the gaps that may be occurring in each patient’s specific endo-cannabinoid system.

In order to accomplish these goals, our team at Citiva Medical has pioneered CRT methods from the very beginning.  Our founder, Josh Stanley, was the original co-developer of a high CBD strain that became known the world over as Charlotte’s Web.  This strain is showing immense benefit for many children suffering from epilepsy.  Josh has been working to improve on this strain to provide many others with varying ratios of cannabinoids that are proving to assist children that simply do not respond to a high CBD, low THC strain.  Understating these ratios is vital for the true medical progression of our products, scientific research, and proven efficacies.  Josh Stanley has granted the exclusive license of his many strains to Citiva Medical in the state of New York so that proper identification of strains and standardized medicine may be made available to children in need and patients with qualifying conditions on a consistent and affordable basis.

Citiva Medical practices only organic growing methods and natural extractions of these plants to fight illness in a variety of conditions. Citiva Medical takes what is called a pharmacology reductionist approach in our state-of-the-art laboratory to be able to take apart and put back together the varying compounds that are playing a role in the human body’s development and success using this type of natural treatment.  Citiva Medical has been granted the exclusive rights in the State of New York to bring to market the products and data developed at our lab.

This research is ongoing and by no means stops at our lab. Citiva Medical, upon licensure, has plans to build a laboratory in New York that is committed to designing specialized cannabinoid-based therapies for those in need.

Citiva Medical is excited to invite patients in New York to a truly new exciting arena of organic, safe and standardized form of cannabis treatment.

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