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Our Products

At this time, our products are not available in New York, but we hope to be able to offer them through a New York license in the near future.

Citiva Medical has worked to develop a wide range of products that vary according to specific illness categories.  We have garnered specific cannabinoid ratios from clinical and observational studies as well as physician and patient reported outcomes in order to create unique cannabinoid-based treatments and products.  We understand that cannabinoid-based therapies is a new concept to most and we at Citiva Medical take pride in leading the industry in new and innovative cannabinoid compound treatments and programs for each of New York’s approved conditions.

Our products include:

  • CBD, Non THC Solutions
  • CBD, Low THC Solutions
  • High THC Solutions
  • Multi Compound Products
  • CBD Topical Solutions

What Is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol (CBD), which is also referred to as cannabinoid, is a primary agent in cannabis. CBD can be used to treat an array of illnesses.

Originally, there was belief that THC is a breakdown product of cannabidiol. However, it has been proven that THC and CBD are in fact metabolites of the decarboxylated acidic forms, which are THCa and CBDa. It is known that THCa and CBDa are acidic predecessors, which are dried (decarboxylated) by heat or abstraction that produces THC and CBD. This process is how the components become psychoactive. Therefore, the compound produces medicinal benefits with the absence of the “high” that some individuals find undesirable. This makes CBD an ideal option for those who are looking for a different approach to their current medications that produce opiate-like effects.

Who Do These Strains Help?

In the past, it was believed that cannabidiol’s primary purpose was to eliminate the psychoactive effects caused by THC. However, further research has proven that CBD is quite effective by itself. This shows promise for hard-to-treat conditions. For example, Dravet’s syndrome is getting an abundance of attention from those in the medical field. Dravet’s syndrome is an incapacitating type of epilepsy, which is seen in children and has shown resistance to current treatment methods. Those who have been diagnosed with Dravet’s syndrome can experience hundreds of seizures per day, which can increase and get worse as they age. Dravet’s syndrome can be life-threatening. The current treatment methods for this illness are restricted diets, brain surgery, and having a child wear an eye-patch. However, the current treatments have various success rates.

The use of CBD-enhanced marijuana strains, in patients with Dravet’s syndrome, has been demonstrated through the success stories of the patients’ families who have been treated with CBD. Therefore, CBD is a hopeful treatment method for children with Dravet’s syndrome. It is important to remember that children are not smoking it but ingesting it through other methods. There have been an abundance of patients who have expressed their success with this life-saving treatment.

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