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Epilepsy in New York

Current research has revealed that medicinal cannabis can be utilized in the treatment of symptoms associated with epilepsy.


Withdrawal from alcohol, heart conditions, and hypoglycemia are some of the causes that can trigger seizures. Other causes include a family history of seizures and brain damage. When two or more seizures that do not result from a definite cause occur, they are linked to epilepsy. Epilepsy is identified with periodic seizures. It is made up of a number of associated neurological conditions, and there is more than one kind of epilepsy and a few different kinds of seizures. Medication is used to keep epileptic seizures under control.

Symptoms of Epilepsy

Seizures associated with epilepsy cause a disruption of normal brain activity. The types of seizures and their symptoms are as follows:

Generalized Seizures– Seizures that engage every area of the brain (cortex). These types of seizures are also called grand mal seizures.

  • Crying or abnormal vocal sounds
  • Stiffening of the body for up to 60 seconds
  • Regular and recurring arm and leg activity
  • Unclosed eyes
  • Inability to breathe that may turn the person blue, soon followed by loud breathing
  • Uncontrolled urination
  • Slow restoration of consciousness and confusion that can last a few minutes or hours

Partial or Focal Seizures– With a partial or focal seizure the entire brain is not engaged, resulting in just a portion of the body being affected. The segment of the brain experiencing the irregular electrical activity will influence the symptoms, so the symptoms may differ.

  • Just the hand will exhibit activity if the segment of the brain in command of this part of the body is engaged in the seizure.
  • Feelings of stomach fullness or subtle actions that are done over and over again will manifest if other parts of the brain are engaged. One of these actions might be lip smacking.
  • A partial seizure may make a person look stunned or perplexed, which could indicate a complex partial seizure occurred. Complex is a term doctors use to indicate the person is somewhere in the middle of being completely aware and without consciousness.

Absence or Petit Mal Seizures– Seizures that mostly occur during adolescence.

  • Staring due to deterioration of consciousness
  • Blinking and other minor actions that are performed over and over again

Seizures are usually over in seconds, but several can occur in the course of a day. The seizure type will influence the kinds of symptoms that develop, so symptoms may differ. People with epilepsy usually experience just one type of seizure and similar symptoms with each seizure.

Medical Cannabis as Part of an Epilepsy Treatment Plan

So much is unknown about pediatric epilepsy conditions that many diagnoses tend to fall into the “syndrome” category. Syndrome may be used as a synonym from a medical perspective meaning “we don’t know” exactly what this child has. Many children from an observational standpoint have reacted positively to the use of CBD with minute fractions of TCH present. However, many others simply have not had the same benefits that high CBD/low THC can offer. Many children have reacted to varying ratios of these compounds such as THC-A and THC-V as well as other terpenes and flavonoids found in the cannabis plant. It is for these reasons that Citiva Medical does not rely on a “one plant fixes all” angle of approach. The team at Citiva Medical has been working for years to breed new and innovative stable strains of genetics for children and adults suffering from epilepsy that seek to target each specific physiological need as it pertains to the unique endo-cannabinoid system of each patient.

However, Citiva Medical does not stop there. We understand that it is one thing to witness a child’s suffering eased by introducing a safe organic compound such as CBD but it is quite another to understand why this method seems to work so well for many children. Without understanding this “why,” we are not able to advance our science to improve our techniques and be able to conduct clinically based studies to further the advancement of these critical conditions. Citiva Medical is not just another medical marijuana company. On the contrary, Citiva Medical is a science-based, clinical research, organic agricultural, and product development firm that has the ability to extract and standardize medication so that when we grow, extract, and identify the particular chain of cannabinoids and compounds that a patient responds to favorably, we can copy these same ratios of cannabinoids for use in future products.

For instance, we have found that many children simply do not respond to one plant’s genetic makeup and pure extraction matter. Citiva Medical is not reliant on whole-plant forms of extraction based on a specific plant. We take the approach of being able to add or subtract naturally occurring compounds to create essentially tailored medicines for each patient. Citiva Medical is bringing the new and effective trend of compounding and designing medicines to cannabis-based therapies.

Research on Epilepsy and Cannabis Based Treatments

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