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Dispensary Clinics

At this time, Citiva Medical does not operate in New York.  Please check back, as we hope to be able to open our dispensaries through a New York license in 2017.

Citiva Medical has plans to open four medicinal cannabis clinics in convenient locations throughout the State of New York. These clinics will be optimized for ease of access while providing a secure environment in which to purchase our products. We have significant experience opening and operating retail outlet centers in various approved municipalities throughout the country, and we are eager to tailor these clinics to the laws of New York. Citiva Medical looks forward to serving as many patients in need as possible.

Citiva Medical agrees strongly with the New York State regulations that registered pharmacists are best qualified to dispense medicinal cannabis in New York State and have partnered with a successful, well-respected New York State Pharmacy group.

Please check this page for updates on dispensary locations and progress.