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Why We Do , What We Do.  

“In everything we do, in who we are and how we think, we challenge the status quo. New York State challenged the status quo when it started down the path of medicinal marijuana and we came together here to bring our experience to those in need. We are here to reveal the seeds of hope. Medicinal marijuana in New York brings freedom. Now a mother who was a slave to prescription pain-killers can be clear-minded and free of addiction and pain – when her children talk about their day she can pay attention, she can help them with their homework, she can laugh again, and she can sing her children to sleep at night. Today a child can thrive and attend school, free from seizures for the first time in her life, free to learn and play and grow. Parents cry when doctors say they want to cut on her brain. They nearly lose all hope. Now parents’ tears can finally be tears of joy. 

We don’t do this for money. And we don’t stand on the sidelines and cheer for our team. We don’t simply do this in name or in spirit, but in flesh – we have put our own freedom on the line for it. Maybe we’re crazy. Maybe we would be better off getting jobs in industry or finance. But then, who would fight this fight? Would our replacements persevere, through the difficult years, without the resources or support that any sane person would expect? Would they be successful? We don’t know about them. We know about us. We know what we are made of now. We have something important to do, and we aren’t going to stop. We believe now. We’ve seen what it can do. We’ve seen how it has changed lives. We weren’t this way before, but we are this way now. The faces of the families we’ve helped have made us this way.”

– Citiva Medical 2015