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Cannabinoid Science in New York

For thousands of years of human history, cannabinoids have played a role in our societies. Recent peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrate important biological links between cannabinoids and our own cell structures. As vertebrates, we possess an endocannabinoid system that helps maintain our natural homeostasis. As a result, there are multiple implications in the realm of phytocannabinoids as it relates to substances derived from cannabis.

Literature in the peer-reviewed scientific ranks has shown that applications of cannabinoids can contribute to preventing nausea and even help increase the appetite of AIDS and cancer patients. As legalization becomes more common, cannabis will provide even more opportunities to heal those in need, including those experiencing  debilitating chronic pain and spasms in the muscles — issues common for those with certain neurological disorders such as MS and certain injuries to the spine.

Using highly researched extracts from cannabinoid botanicals, our scientists form teams to provide quality products. New practical uses are found almost daily for these extracts. These applications are typically not psychoactive and instead focus on minimizing pain in the nerves, which helps the success of additional treatments.

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Journal published an article in 2001 that illuminated a self-identified need in about 2% of adults in Canada for the use of cannabinoids for medicinal purposes. The increased usage and support for scientific research for medicine derived from cannabinoids in North America and the globe at large is a billion dollar industry already. It only looks to increase, which will improve the amount of research and support, both public and private, providing new cures and hope for those suffering from various conditions.

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