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Approved Conditions in New York

Citiva Medical is one of the most experienced providers of medical marijuana in the country.Our experience includes every aspect of production, preparation, distribution, and research.As New York becomes the 23rd state to introduce a medical marijuana program, we look forward to assisting patients with approved conditions to realize the benefits of medical marijuana.

In 2014, New York enacted the Compassionate Care Act allowing the state Department of Health to introduce a medical marijuana program.The program allows access to certified patients while ensuring that the dispensing of medical marijuana protects and preserves public safety and health.

Under the Compassionate Care Act, medical marijuana is only to be made available to patients living with specific approved conditions.The New York State Health Commissioner is primarily responsible for determining the eligible conditions for the program.Patients must obtain a certification from a registered practitioner.Patients are also required to register with the program.Additionally, dispensaries are required to register with the state in order to manufacture and dispense medical marijuana to patients in New York.

As a new state and national effort, medical marijuana programs such as those in New York are constantly adapting to the needs of patients and regulatory requirements.To date, New York has approved 11 conditions:

As a leading provider of medical marijuana, Citiva Medical remains highly involved in the evolution of the New York medical marijuana program.We understand that many New Yorkers live with conditions that are pending approval, and we will post updates on the eligible conditions as the information becomes available.

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